Five-day ‘Snoga’ Yoga Retreat declared such a success

Five-day ‘Snoga’ Yoga Retreat declared such a success

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The inaugural five-day ‘Snoga’ Yoga Retreat at Trackers Mountain Lodge, in the heart of Falls Creek Alpine Resort, was declared such a success it has been expanded for yogis wishing to participate next year.

In fact it was so successful it has spawned two additional retreats in the Trackers Mountain Lodge snow season (10-14 June, 4-9 September 2016) and a repeat of the inaugural ‘ mid-September Winter ‘Snowga’ Yoga Retreat between 11-16 September 2016.

All retreats include breakfasts, afternoon teas, dinners and welcome functions and organised activities. There are additional activities which are optional. Also included are yoga mats, props and two yoga sessions per day.

The Summer Mountain Yoga Retreat costs $895 per person, Included is outdoor yoga and picnic lunch on Mt McKay, Australia’s highest drive able point.

To coincide with the annual Queen’s Birthday long weekend (10-14 June) and official opening of the snow season at Victoria’s most picture-perfect alpine resort, Trackers Mountain Lodge will host its first Winter ‘Snowga’ Yoga Retreat. The cost is $895 per person.

The two September Winter ‘Snowga’ Retreats (4-9 and 11-16 September) cost $1,195 per person

For more information trackers.com.au/yoga

1. There is a quietness and profound sense of space that one feels in these beautiful mountains – and this mirrors that same sense of space that is found through a Yoga practice. So bringing a Yoga practice into these mountains is very complimentary.

2. The experience of skiing is incredibly meditative; it takes you right into the present moment. Practicing Yoga in this setting really enhances the meditative and mindful experience we have when we’re skiing.

3. There is nothing like removing yourself from the demands of our fast paced, electronically stimulated city based lives and retreating high into the mountains. To treat your self both physically and energetically combining Yoga with skiing is incredibly revitalizing for both your body and mind.

4. There are some fabulous tools in Yoga that can really enhance your skiing experience. Its great to stretch out your hamstrings, quadriceps and shoulders before you head out for a day of skiing. There is a also nothing like coming home at the end of a day on the slopes to a restorative, chilled out Yoga session followed by a lovely glass of Glu wine by the fire.

5 Yoga retreats used to be a luxury item but it is becoming more accessible to any type of holiday maker. You don’t need to be an experienced yoga practitioner or even participated in a yoga class before to experience the joys of a yoga retreat in the mountains.

6. “Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of nowhere, and sometimes in the middle of nowhere you find yourself.” High in the mountains surrounded by white snowy mountain tops, there is THIS NOWHERE YOU CAN FIND.

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