Trackers prides itself on providing the best snow experience for the whole family; and this means that come the evening, the kids are taken care of whilst you enjoy a candlelit dinner by the fire.

6pm ‘kids Dinner’

An early, chef-prepared, nutritionally balanced dinner for the kids means they are fed and off to the upstairs kids club to have fun, leaving the restaurant a peaceful space for you to enjoy dinner.

Kids Club

Run from 6 to 9 PM Monday to Saturday by experienced lodge staff, kids club offers something for kids of all ages. From craft activities, games, movies and a pool table, to organized activities like piñata making, the kids are sure to be entertained!

White Christmas Wednesday

What child hasn’t dreamt of a white Christmas? At Trackers, we provide it every Wednesday; complete with bon-bons on the table, traditional Christmas food and a special visitor bringing gifts for all good children.

Thursday Night Show Adventure

Run throughout all of July and August, Falls Creek puts on a ski and fire works show in the Village bowl. Dress warm because our experienced snow nannies if the weather is right will often head out on an adventure with the kids to meet Pete the Snow Dragon, learn a bit about ski history around the world and watch the instructors do their thing down the lit up summit and over the jumps.

falls creek  The lodge is only 2 minutes walk/ski from the closest lift, so it is really handy to pop back in for a cuppa during the day. The accommodation is comfortable, clean, warm and pleasant, with a nice view out to the snow. They also have a great play room for the kids.